Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom: Magical Box Of Books

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This Ben & Holly Little Kingdom Story Collection will delight children with their magical adventures kingdom story book, that presented in a beautiful slipcase.

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Kids will love this Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Book Set.  this Ben and Holly story collection is packed with magical adventures.


Gaston's Messy Cave
Somewhere deep in the heart of the Little Kingdom Ben and Holly are worried. They think their best friend Gaston the Ladybird is sad, so they try to cheer him up by tidying his cave! Read this lovely story to find out what happens. 
Holly's Naughty Little Sisters
King and Queen Thistle think it would be fun for Holly to play with her little sisters, Daisy and Poppy. But the mischievous twins cause chaos when they get their hands on Holly and Fleur's wands. With no one safe from their magicking, will the Little Kingdom ever return to normal?
The Toy Robot
"The Toy Robot" is an enchanting picture book adventure from "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom". Fairy Princess Holly, Ben Elf and their friends have found an old broken robot in the Little Forest. Holly wants to mend it with her magic wand, but Ben and Barnaby want to fix it with their elf skills. Holly decides to make a magical key to wind up the robot, but it has some very strange results...Read this wonderful little story to find out what happens!
The Lost Egg
The "Lost Egg" is an enchanting picture book adventure starring favourite characters from the BAFTA award-winning Nick Jr. television series for pre-school children from the creators of Peppa Pig. Ben, Holly and Gaston the Ladybird have found a blue egg in the Meadow. A tiny little chick hatches from the egg and the children set off on an adventure to find the chick's mummy. Find out what they discover in this delightful storybook. 
Ben Elf's Birthday
Oh dear, it's Ben Elf's birthday and his best friend, Fairy Princess Holly has completely forgotten about it! Join Holly in this exciting new adventure storybook, as she tries to make Ben a special birthday card using her fairy magic and also make it to his birthday party on time!
King Thistle's New Clothes
King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit. King Thistle's new clothes arrive. King Thistle goes to have a bath. Queen Thistle accidently made the clothes dirty. Nanny Plum, Ben and Holly washed the clothes and King Thistle's old clothes. But they've shrunk, so Nanny Plum cleaned it with magic but they've got burnt. So, Nanny Plum makes new clothes by fruit with magic. When, King and Queen Marigold arrived, King Thistle got the magic clothes on and they've turned back into fruit again.
Pirate Redbeard
Yo ho ho and shiver me timbers! Redbeard the elf pirate has returned from the sea to look for treasure! Join Pirate Redbeard, Princess Holly and Ben Elf on a swashbuckling storybook adventure. Arr!
The Magical Tale of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
The Magical Tale of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is the original story of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom ,  Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles, was a magical little kingdom full of elves and fairies. Everyone who lived there was very, very small... and there was a land where flowers and grass rose above the tallest towers . . .


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