Melissa and Doug Press Spin Game Picture Bingo

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Press & Spin games fit in little boxes - but they're big fun on game night!
Picture Bingo features a six-color spinner and four colorful game cards filled
with fruity illustrations. Game instructions include multiple ways for children
to use this family-friendly game set, so it can be enjoyed by preschoolers and
older kids too!

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Suitable from 3 yrs+

More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Picture Bingo: Each player chooses a game card. The youngest player starts the game by spinning the spinner. If the player's Bingo card has a picture of the fruit indicated by the spinner, the player uses a marker to cover the matching picture on his/her card. Play continues, with each player spinning to try to win markers for his/her card. The first to get four markers in a row wins!
  • Counting Fruit: Identify all the fruit pictures on a card. Then count each type of fruit.
  • Fruit Plus Fruit: Spin the spinner to pick one type of fruit. On one card, count all the fruit of that kind. Now count all of the same fruit on another card. How many does that make in all?
  • Four Corners: Follow the regular rules for Bingo, BUT: Try to be the first to cover all four corner spots to win.
  • Perimeter Bingo: Follow the regular rules for Bingo, BUT: Try to be the first to cover all the spots around the outside edge of your card.


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